Houses of Brevoy

Noble Houses of Brevoy

House Rogarvia

“With Sword and Flame”

Capital: New Stetven, Lake Reykal

Patron God: Gorum, God of War

House Rogarvia have ruled Brevoy as the descendants of Choral The Conqueror since the warlord invaded and occupied Brevoy with the help of his Dragon allies. Choral himself ruled for 10 years before disappearing in mysterious circumstances, although rumour continues to this day that he will return to Brevoy…..

House Rogarvia continued to rule for a further 200 years until 4699 when the entire family disappeared overnight in an event that has become known as ‘The Vanishing’, leaving a large power vacuum in Brevoy and the Dragonthone unoccupied… for now…

House Surtova

“Ours is the Right”

Capital: Port Ice, The shores of the lake of mists and veils. (Currently reside in New Stetven)

Patron God: Officially Adabar, God of Civilisation, however it it rumoured that the family secretly worship Norgorber, God of Thievery and Assassination.

Already the richest family in Brevoy, House Surtova gained much power and prestige when they were the first family to bend the knee to Choral the Conqueror, marrying the daughter of the house to the Warlord and providing funds and armies to his cause.

House Surtova acquired their wealth through trade of both a legal and more dubious nature, with several minor vassal houses being accused of river piracy and brigandage, but no tie to Surtova was ever proven.

As the staunchest ally of House Rogarvia, Lord Noleski Surtova was quick to proclaim himself regent after the Vanishing and rules in the name of the King. The other noble houses have accepted the situation for now but Lord Noleski knows he must act quickly if he is to secure enough support to proclaim himself King by right.

House Orlovsky

“High Above”

Capital: Eagle’s Watch, Mount Veshka

Patron: Gorum, God of War

As Leader of Chorals elite Iron Legion, General Orlovsky was granted the fortress of Eagle’s Watch to rebuild and rule from. His House have continued to rule with the same iron hand they have used since the invasion and the leader of the House holds the title ‘Lord Marshall of Brevoy’ with the power to conscript forces and take command of all Brevoys forces in response to any outside threat.

The current leader of the House is Lord Poul Orlovsky. As the firm right hand of the Rogarvia family, the Orlovsky family have long viewed the political manoeuvrings of the the Surtovas with deep suspicion, preferring to view themselves as above the petty squabbles of the Noble Houses. Lord Poul goes to great pains to remind Lord Noleski Surtova of the temporary nature of his regency and is actively seeking the missing Rogarvia’s or an heir with a claim to the throne they can support. Lord Poul would take the regency for himself but is aware that he lacks the support of the other Nobles and does not yet have sufficient power take the throne by force.

House Garess

“Strong as the Mountains”

Capital: Grey Haven, Golushkin Mountains.

Patron: Torag

House Garess is based in the western part of Brevoy, in the foothills of the Golushkin Mountains.1 It is led by Lord Howlan Garess, who is a widower. His adoptive heir is Toval Golka, a dwarf and son of the clan-chief of the Golka dwarves’ holding. This adoption greatly displeased Lord Howlans younger brother and leader of the House’s Militia forces who has since left for lands unknown.

House Garess has long maintained links with the dwarves of the Golka Clan of Highdelve and are the pipeline for a large percentage of made and metal goods into Brevoy which has little in the way of stone or metal resources.

Lord Howlan is a canny political operator and has continued the family tradition for keeping his House in alliance with the strongest factions in Brevoy, switching sides and alligiance as required bit the changing situation.

House Khavortorov

“We shall not be Saddled”

Capital: Restov, Rostland

Patron: Cayden Cailean

House Khavortorov currently rule the Southern area of Rostland forfeited by House Aldori when they opposed Chorral and were destroyed at the Battle of the Valley of Fire. As a former Vassel House of the Surtova family, House Khavortorov have kept a low profile as leaders of the rebellious and independently minded Rostlanders, keeping the Motto and Crest of House Aldori intact.

House Khavortorov provdied the original funds for the exploration to the Stolen Lands but most folk have no doubt that the real hand behind the expedition was that of Lord Surtova.

House Lebeda

“Success Through Grace”

Capital: Silverhall, Lake Reykal

Patron: Adabar

House Lebeda is based to the southwest of Lake Reykal in Brevoy, controlling the plains and significant portions of the lake’s shipping.

Their castle, Silverhall looks over Lake Reykal and is where the family maintains its power.

They control the shipping on the lake; their business of being brokers and merchants linking the north and south of Brevoy has made them rich.

Dame Sarrona Lebeda currently leads the house as regent until her son Lander comes of age. The oldest child, Elanna, is the house’s representative in New Stetven; rumors say
Dame Sarrona is trying to arrange a marriage with the Lord Regent.

House Lodovka

“The Waters, our Fields”

Capital: Acuben Isle, Lake of Mists and Veils.

Patron: Gozreh, God of the Sea and Weather

House Lodovka is a noble family of Brevoy with their headquarters on Acuben Isle on the Lake of Mists and Veils. They have traditionally been a power on the lake.1 Led by Lord Kozek Lodovka, both their fleet size and influence along the lake continue to increase. The fleet primarily catches fish and freshwater crabs

House Lodovka is often looked down upon by the more ‘Noble’ houses as little more than upstart commoners, but their fishing fleet is vital in feeding the whole North of Brevoy.

House Medvyed

“Endurance overcomes all”

Capital:Stoneclimb, Gronzi Forest.

Patron: Erastil

House Medvyed is a noble house of Brevoy that holds authority over the eastern lands that border and contain the Icerime Peaks and Gronzi Forest. They have maintained the traditions of worshiping nature, the “Old Way”. Lord Gurev Medyed heads the Stoneclimb-based house.

The people of the area raise mountain goats and sheep. They hunt in the forest and farm what little good land is on the edges of their concerns. Religion in this area tends to be more centralized on Erastil, but rumors of hidden shrines to the ancient Green Faith exist.

House Medvyed fought a long running Guerrilla War against the invading forces lead by General Orlovsky, retreating deep into the Gronzi Forest and allying themselves to the previously secretive Druidic Circle of Erastil. Eventually starvation and attrition forced the Medvyed’s to seek peace terms.

Houses of Brevoy

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